Aprilia. What bike do you wear?

There was a moment in the communication strategy of Aprilia (Piaggio Group) where we tried to build a communication format that today we could define as “behavioral”. For the Italian brand, considered by many as the “Japanese” of Italy, due to sport performances capable of launching champions like Valentino Rossi and Max Biaggi, we have created a communication which vertically transfers the values of the competitive spirit of the “race” models on road and city models. So we gave life to an extreme world of performance leaders, where the recognition of the brand becomes provocative, and instead of talking about the product we used the insights of motorcyclists, staging the relationships of people with their bikes. It is dishonorable, therefore, to be passed. Or: I can eat anything to avoid eating dust. Or even: elegance is all in a chain so as not to have my scooter stolen.

The “hardness” of the concepts was actually softened by self-irony and an extremely glossy look usually reserved for fashion brands. As well as the logo in the upper part of the ads winking at the communication of clothing brands.

Creative Direction: L. Nardi Art director: M.Gucciardi