The wedding between Mitsubishi and surf: a history of adrenaline and energy signed by Kube Libre

Nature is invincible, nature is pure energy, nature should not be challenged. When a man tries to do so, he cannot emerge victorious, he is miserably defeated.

Nature is invincible, nature is pure energy, nature should not be challenged. When a man tries to do so, he cannot emerge victorious, he is miserably defeated.
Yet Alessandro Marcianò, a Roman surfer, wanted to try it in Nazarè, Portugal, over Christmas 2015, with determination and willpower he surfed the wave, but not just any wave, but a large wave of 18 meters, as high as a six-storey building, and he made it.
He managed to become part of that energy that only a few have ever had the chance to taste. Everyone would have fled, but he remained, undaunted.

During the event Italia Surf Expo 2019 which took place from Thursday, July 18 to Sunday, July 21, 2019, a cult event of the summer, the world of surfing and the world of Mitsubishi have joined together exploding in a crazy energy within a context such as that of the Castle of Santa Severa, in the town of Santa Marinella, just thirty minutes from Rome.
Kube Libre could not miss this special appointment, and above all could not help but make a difference.

For the occasion, he made the national premiere of the Docu-Film "Be Part of the Energy" which tells the incredible adventure of Alessandro, the story of this man who managed to set the Italian record by not pulling back in the face of the power of nature.
This preview was projected for the first time during this particular event.

When Mitsubishi marries the world of surfing: pure adrenaline

Luciano Nardi, creative director of the preview video, has chosen adrenaline as the main protagonist.
The violence and power of the Atlantic Ocean emerge right from the start: it is pure energy that is thrown on the rocks.
The gaze of Alessandro Marcianò, who interprets his own figure in the video, is strong, sure, the portrait of a fearless man ready for anything.
Even the choice of the car reflects exactly what you want to convey to the public: the power of Mitsubishi, official sponsor of the event.

Mitsubishi Motors Automobili has in fact worked closely with the project providing first one of its most prestigious cars for the realization of the video, and secondly bringing directly to the event three of its most exclusive models, we talk about Outlander Phev, Eclipse Cross and the L200 pick-up, so that all surfers and motor lovers could experience firsthand the potential of cars so valid.
Kube Libre managed to marry these two realities so distant and yet close in a single video, once again, using the most advanced technologies.

It has promoted a docu-film that will interest a large number of people, lovers of surfing and adrenaline but not only, will also attract the curious, those who are attracted by the stories of men who with determination and putting themselves at stake have reached notoriety.

The desire to go beyond, the desire to challenge nature, the desire for the extreme

The choice to use Mitsubishi is not random at all. The desire to go beyond the limit, the desire for an adrenalin rush is the backbone of the entire video.

Kube Libre recounted this pure energy that starts from a concept of eco-sustainability and arrives, through a strong and decisive impulse, to a state of adrenaline that few times has been tried. A perfect combination to try and try again.

The success of this video is also given by the tools used, the most sophisticated. In fact, its creation required shooting on land and at sea. The aerial shots were made by means of drones piloted by Adrenaline Film.

The editing and shooting instead are by Gaetano Musto and Filippo Chiesa and the voiceover is by Guido Roberto.

#bepartoftheenergy, the official hashtag of the first episode of the trilogy, reflects exactly the concept you wanted to raise: the man who understands that he can not defeat nature, but the only way to deal with it on equal terms is to be part of it. Become energy himself.

Mitsubishi rides the wave with Kube Libre

The result of this collaboration was an immediate success. Numerous newspapers have talked about it, telling how the union of two realities united by the same adrenalinic spirit have exploded in an energy without borders.

The explosion was strong, Repubblica told the emotions of the realization, publishing the video projected during the event of the Castle of Santa Severa, but it was not the only one.
The wave ridden by Kube Libre and Mitsubishi was also reported by Messaggero Veneto, as well as Il Tirreno. But these are just some of the many newspapers that have dedicated a space inside them just to mention the importance of this preview of the docu-film about the Roman surfer, Alessandro Marcianò.

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